"As soon as I walked through the door Beverley put me at ease, She was incredibly welcoming and easy to talk to. I have now been seeing her for about 3 months and so much of my life has changed as a result. She has helped me to look at things differently and helped me to understand why I behave in the way that I do. This, in turn, has helped me to change some of my behaviours for the better. I always feel so positive when I leave my session with Beverley and she encourages me to set myself challenges, which I have so far always achieved. My self worth means so much more to me now than it did 3 months ago and that's thanks to Beverley. I still have a way to go yet but I now know that it is achievable with the support I receive in our sessions."

"Beverley has helped me so much. I never thought therapy could have such a positive impact on my life but it truly has. I am very lucky I found Beverley as my therapist, very easy to talk to, she is warm, kind and honest. Before therapy I was so overwhelmed with what I was going through, now since therapy has started I can honestly say things are looking so much better. I take something positive from every session, and I always feel I am making progress. Thank you Beverley very much."

."Absolutely amazing therapist! She has given me my confidence back and I feel so much stronger after our sessions. I feel I can look forwards now and I ve got my happy back."

"Beverley seemed to understand me from the initial meeting. She listens attentively and responds openly during each session. Beverley supports me with empathy and compassion, however challenges me appropriately to enable me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. Beverley has helped me to understand areas within myself and other relationships, where I once had uncertainty and lacked confidence. She is reliable, trustworthy and I feel totally at ease."