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Beverley provides an open and easy atmosphere to discuss your problems. She's never judgemental or critical and displays a wealth of empathy and genuine concern for her clients' issues. In a very short space of time Beverley has been able to show me how to unburden myself and to identify the root causes of many of the problems that I discuss with her. I have visited therapists before but none that have been as natural and genuine and as helpful as Beverley.


Beverley seemed to understand me from the initial meeting. She listens attentively and responds openly during each session. Beverley supports me with empathy and compassion, however challenges me appropriately to enable me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. Beverley has helped me to understand areas within myself and other relationships, where I once had uncertainty and lacked confidence. She is reliable, trustworthy and I feel totally at ease.

Clare Smith

I found Beverley very easy to talk to and understanding. She took great care in trying to understand me and my feelings, to best help me which she did extremely well. I would highly recommend her as a therapist.

Louise Jones

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