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Adult Therapy...

I provide short and long-term therapy for adults tailored to their individual needs.
I will offer you an empathic, respectful and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship in a safe and confidential environment.

New to counselling therapy? You may be feeling unsure, ashamed or anxious about seeking professional help; this is completely okay and understandable. By visiting my website, you have taken the first step.


The second step is for us to schedule an appointment to meet; this is an opportunity for us to set aside some time for you to describe the difficulties you are facing. I can further explain how I may be able to support you. I hope that this will help you to decide if you would benefit from counselling; please be assured, there will be no obligation on your part to book further sessions.


Returning to counselling therapy? When we meet I will be interested to understand what worked well with your experiences of counselling in the past - and anything that you would like to be different this time. From this point, we can collaboratively agree the structure for future sessions for the issues that you want to address.


I provide a full range of counselling and support services. To help you get a better understanding of my areas of experience, I have listed them below.

These include but are not limited to the following:

•    Abuse: Emotional, physical and sexual, domestic violence.
•    Addiction: Alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet, sex.
•    Anxiety
•    Bereavement
•    Depression
•    Low self-confidence / self-esteem
•    Obsessive compulsive disorder
•    Post-traumatic stress disorder
•    Relationship problems
•    Self-harm
•    Sexuality
•    Stress
•    Trauma
•    Work-related stress


Please contact me for more information on my services.

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