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Covid 19

Even though Covid restrictions have been relaxed, I am still mindful that it has not disappeared so in accordance with Government guidelines, I have put the following  into place and I will give you a copy of this to sign when we meet.


  • It would be very much appreciated if you do not arrive early for your session, this helps to keep contact with other clients to a minimum. On arrival, press the buzzer and I will come and let you in at the time of your appointment. 

  • Where possible please avoid touching any handles and allow me to open and close doors for you.

  • Hand sanitiser will always be available for you to use.

  • All rooms are well ventilated and contact surfaces are cleaned between each client.

  • The wearing of face masks is currently optional but this could change if the government advises it and I will always let  you know of any such changes.

  • If you have a temperature or any symptoms, or should you test positive for Covid, please do not come to the clinic.  We can either work online or reschedule. Likewise if I have a temperature or any symptoms I will offer to work online with you or reschedule.

  • Due to track and trace, I may be required to pass your details on to local health authorities. I will only provide the minimum information required and will give no details as to why we were in contact. 

  • This policy is separate to our Counselling Agreement. 

The situation is constantly changing and I may make additions or amend this policy in order to continue to work within the government guidelines.  Also, I may switch from face to face sessions to online if you or I feel unsafe at anytime.


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